Thursday, August 20, 2009

tan-tan-tanan-OUR wedding shoes

we have our wedding shoes!!!!

while h2b has not yet booked his barong-maker or tailor,
at least meron na sya shoes for the wedding.

bought on sale, 50% off at debehams, rustan's glorietta.

as for my wedding shoes, i have been on the look-out for quite some time now especially since rustan's has been on sale since july. nina, claparols and other specialty beaded shoes for evening occasions has been on sale for like 50-70% off. kaya lang parang i dont feel like buying beaded shoes or silvery or goldie wedding shoes. i want something na pwd ko pa gamitn even after the wedding. so when i saw this shoe at nine west, hala, i justified it to h2b that this is it...

bought at regular price at nine west glorietta

i know, it doesn't look like the typical bridal shoes, but eyeloveit. ivory yn color nya so i feel convinced na it can pass as my bridal shoes. what the heck, its my wedding naman and h2b approves it.

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