Thursday, August 20, 2009

tan-tan-tanan-OUR wedding shoes

we have our wedding shoes!!!!

while h2b has not yet booked his barong-maker or tailor,
at least meron na sya shoes for the wedding.

bought on sale, 50% off at debehams, rustan's glorietta.

as for my wedding shoes, i have been on the look-out for quite some time now especially since rustan's has been on sale since july. nina, claparols and other specialty beaded shoes for evening occasions has been on sale for like 50-70% off. kaya lang parang i dont feel like buying beaded shoes or silvery or goldie wedding shoes. i want something na pwd ko pa gamitn even after the wedding. so when i saw this shoe at nine west, hala, i justified it to h2b that this is it...

bought at regular price at nine west glorietta

i know, it doesn't look like the typical bridal shoes, but eyeloveit. ivory yn color nya so i feel convinced na it can pass as my bridal shoes. what the heck, its my wedding naman and h2b approves it.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

my first fitting

i learned about cecilio abad through w@w. his mutliply site showcases his bridal gowns. from his website, i recognized two brides who were previously his customers, one is a lawyer and another one is a schoolmate back in highschool. and when he posted in his website na he's giving away a w@w promo of P10,000-discount to w@w members, i said to myself, THIS IS THE SIGN, so i decided to get him as my designer.

during our first meeting, which happens to be the last day of the promo period, he asked me about ideas for my wedding gown. i told him that i really had no idea or any inspiration for my gown but i just wanted something that would cover my flaws like - flabby arms and my height! he then asked me to wear a stretchy cloth, possed like a model taking quarter turns and after several minutes of silence, he came up with this:i was speechless not because i dont like it or i love it but because, i really have no idea...he was the only designer i consulted, so i was really clueless about the designs of the others. but i trusted him so much, afterall, he would not be w@w 's 2008 supplier of the year if not for his talent.
come first fitting day schedule, i was kinda nervous. he had my measurements taken since april pa so i think i have gained weight since then considering i have not yet started my own exercise-diet plan. my officemate, ley, accompanied me inside the shop while h2b patiently waited inside the car. when it was my turn, ms. cathy, the assistant, helped me in fitting the lining and the corset. a little push and there you go... whew! it still fits.

when i saw my image sa mirror, i was happy. even though lining pa lang yn nakikita ko, im satisfied with the silhoutte created by his design. ley commented that the silhoutte made me look taller. yipee!!!

after the fitting, i saw some manangs doing their embroidery to an almost finished gown. i was asking her about some details of the work she's doing when CA interrupted me and said that the manangs were deaf-mute. he recruited them from dswd to help our handicapped fellowmen. haaayyyy....ang galing and ang bait nya tlga.

i hope the rest of the fittings will run smoothly, just like this one. at the end of my appointment, i was really happy and very proud to show off my pictures. hehehe. hayaan nyo, minsan lang naman to ;D

with less than 5 months to go..

It's been a while since my last post... after we have booked our reception and church venue, sunod-sunod na rin bookings namen for the other suppliers. so far we have booked the following:

Bridal Gown - Cecilio Abad
Photo/Video - Wally Gonzales Photography
Invitations - Prinstonalities
OTD - Events by the Friday Club
Emcee - Events by your Wedding Cliques
Strings - Bernie Pasamba
Ento Gowns - Jojo Driz
HMUA - Cherry Pacheco Uy

and with less 6 months to go... we have yet to book suppliers for:
Groom's barong
Wedding Favors

but more less we have an idea na whom to booked, although we are still canvassing for the prices.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

our lensmen...

when we were drafting our wedding budget, i lobbied very hard for us to invest on the photo and video. other than the obvious fact that i really like to be photographed (i think candidate ako sa batch namen sa law school as most photographed), after a very tiring and toxic day of the wedding, what will remain with us is the photo and video of the event. the wedding album and the video will remind us na for just one day, we spent an "X" amount. hehehe.
i considered to have separate photo and videographers, kya lang ive read some posts na its hard to coordinate or there are some problems in the teamwork kung hindi mag-jive yn ideas/styles of different photographer and videographer.
then i remembered i attended a wedding in tagaytay na very moving yn avp-on-site nila. the on-site was a video presentation and not just a simple slideshow of photos. from then on, i said to myself that id like to have the same in my own wedding. at the end of the presentation, the name Wally Gonzales Photography was sprawled on the LCD Projector,hhhmmm, i did my research and i emailed him to ask for the rates.
whoa! photo + video + on site editing + pre nup + 1 additional cam = almost 150K
nyark! we don't have that much budget for the photo + video....
i emailed her again, this time, im dealing with ms. arlene, and i told her frankly how much lang yn budget namen for the p/v.
after days of waiting, no reply, so i started looking for other suppliers. and then finally, she replied explaining na their pc was having problems kya delayed in replies to em queries, she said, she can work on the budget and asked me to visit the bridal fair at rockwell.
so come bridal fair at rockwell, i texted her muna if they can accomodate our budget and she said yes but the payment terms will be 50% down and 50% before the wedding. oh no, not again. we couldnt possibly have that big downpayment, so series of txt messages again and finally she agreed to my own payment terms.
30% down
30% payable in 2 mos.
30% wedding day
10% upon pick up of album and cds
yehey! so just to make it in our budget she gave us the following as freebies:
canvassed and framed photo 16 x 20;
pre nup shoot within metro manila;
additional video cam;
AVP presentation of photos; and
on-site editing.
on the day that i booked wally G. i was also considering erron ocampo of imagenation. they quoted me something like 80-90K for photo/video but the onsite editing will be pure slideshow presentation of photos and even if i book them during a bridal fair, they dont give discounts, which really turned me off. kz why would couples-to-be waste their time in visiting bridal fairs kung di rin sila makakuha ng discounts, i mean, that's the advantage of joining a fair di ba, to get discounts and yet, they would not give one. so, i decided to book wally G because very flexible yn payment terms, on site editing is video presentation and i believe in the quality of their final outputs.
i believe that i really got a very good deal from wally, and some would even be surprise na i booked them for that amount only. some friends kz who are also getting married had the same budget but they were afraid to canvass his rate kz he looks pricey tlga based on his published internet rates. good for me, bargaining is really in my genes, hehehe and ms. arlene is very accomodating.
we'll have our prenup sometime in november and we are considering the grounds of tivoli gardens as our pre nup location.

FAQs on Air-Brush Make up

Airbrush Makeup
Mar 1, '09 5:12 AMfor everyone
YES, I do Airbrush Makeup! A lot of people have been asking me about Airbrush Makeup.

This is one of the subjects I took up in L.A. last year. So after I got my machine and materials, I started offering this service to Brides, Debutantes, and just about anyone who wants to look extra special.

Airbrush Makeup is a form of makeup that is expelled through a machine. The makeup comes out as a fine mist, giving the skin a flawless, "airbrushed" finish.

Aside from providing a smooth finish, the airbrush makeup I use is waterproof and long-lasting, that's why it's ideal for Brides. Airbrush makeup is widely used in movie sets because it stays on longer than regular makeup, minimizing the need for touch-ups. Airbrush makeup also provides full coverage, without looking heavy.

Overall, for Brides, I would say yes. Which is not to say that regular makeup is not good enough. The regular makeup I use is also waterproof, but I find that the Airbrush makeup still lasts longer.

Yes it is. I would recommend this to Brides, Debutantes, and especially those with problematic or oily skin. Those with normal skin usually find the makeup to last 'til the party is over; while those with oily skin experience only minimal shine towards the end of the day.


for samples of before and after photos applying air brush make up, visit cherry's mutliply site.

da who will be my HMUA

HMUA - hair and make up artist
most of my friends who are also getting married (actually, i wil be attending 4 weddings before our my wedding. 1 in june, 2 in december and last one in january) were discussing their choices for HMUA.
so i started to scout, er, more like canvass for the rates. i emailed jacq laurente, chi chi sotomil and cherry pacheco uy. i looked up on their multiply sites as well.
i was trying to look for eddie bruan samples sa web, but i could not find one so di na lang ako nag-email. i heard reviews abt bambi fuentes and val villarin. but i only emailed the first 3 i mentioned.
the first to reply was ms. jacq laurente, her reply goes:
"My basic package is Php12,500 which includes bride and 3 others,
unlimited retouch until start of the reception.
( other option Php 10,000 no retouch).
Free groom prep if he's in the same venue, free hair and make up for 2 flower girls. "
the next to reply naman is chichi sotomil:
Chichi sotomil
Bridal makeup
Bridal Package - P12,000Hair and makeup for BrideHair and makeup for two other person
Touch up before the start of the reception
Additional person - P1,500
Trial options:
House call within Manila - P3,000
Makeup studio in JP Rizal, Makati near Rockwell - 2,500
Makeup studio in Pilar Village, Las Pinas - P1,500
ms. cherry pacheco uy was out of the country so after 2 days i got a reply from her:
Below are my current rates for Metro Manila.
Let me know if you have any more questions.
Bridal Hair & Makeup for 3 persons (Bride plus 2): P17,000
Includes:>>False lashes, if desired>>Eyebrow Trimming>>
free grooming/makeup for the Groom>>free styling/fashion advice
Hair & Makeup for Bride Only: P12,000(same inclusions as above)
**Optional Services:
Airbrush (for the Bride): plus P2,000
Touch-up after church: plus P3,000
**Additional persons:
Adults: P3,000/person
Flower Girls: P1,500/person
Trial Hair & Makeup: P2,500* (regular makeup)*For airbrush Trial HMU: P3.500
By appointment please, at my studio in Oritgas Center
Includes:>>One-on-one consultation>>False lashes, if desired>>Eyebrow Trimming
Chief ArtistPAUL & JOE
i really wanted ms. cherry to be my HMUA, i don't know why, but im guessing na woman's instinct.hehehe. although its a tad early for me to book my HMUA, i booked her already via email. deposited the 50% downpayment sa bank and faxed the deposit slip to her landline number.
when i inquired about the rates, i already told them na morning cermenoy kme and since the wedding is at 9am, the preps would usually start at 4 am. as in, 4am pa lang, nsa hotel na sila to do my make up kz in 2 hours, andun na daw yn photo/video naman. hay, im thinking of the eyebugs, the dark circles, i hope ms cherry could do something about it.
also, i asked for discounts kz i read somewhere sa w@w that she was given a free upgrade from regular to airbrush makeup. when i asked ms. cherry, she told me na the price she quoted is for regular hours meaning since 9am wedding kme, she would have to charge for overtime rates. actually, i heard about this issue before with an officemate that HMUA will usually charge an extra fee for morning weddings. but since it was her fault that she quoted me the regular rate, she waived the overtime fee of P3K. so that goes my discount...
in one of my emails to ms. cherry, i mentioned also na we will also have a dinner reception in Batangas so i inquired about airbrush makeup. i have very limited knowledge about make-up and i have not tried or seen air brush make up. she suggested that i use the air brush makeup kz mas long lasting yn effect nya. and as a wedding gift, she will give me the powder and lipstick so i can retouch later on sa dinner reception. ok, so i guess, paul and joe make up yn ibibigay nya sa kin. hehehe. im thrilled, im excited...
i will have my trial make up in one of the weddings of my friend in january kz weekday yn wedding nya and i dont want to deprive her naman of a business opportunity on december considering na peak season sya for weddings.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

church search part 2 (manila area)

Since we transferred to a different reception venue which is now in Manila area, we also had to do another run-about of the churches in Manila.
First on our list is St. Peter the Apostle Church at Quirino Extension:

Peso power: 18K with aircon, priest and simple flower arrangement. It has the 3 criterion for my church (air-conditioned, wooden doors, loft).

Down side: parking is inside St. Peter College which is just beside the church. As you can see from the photo above, wlang gates yn church, along the highway tlga yn main entrance nya. Medyo nakaktakot din yn neighborhood nya kz thickly populated yn area and marami beggars. Just the same, nag pa pencil book na rin kme.

Next is Shrine of Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life beside Mall of Asia:

Peso Power: 25K with priest and simple flower arrangment.

Downside: no aircon. Malayo na sya sa reception venue namen. Actually, mainit nun nagvisit kme which is around 10am of a Saturday. Hassle naman sa guests who still have to pay for parking sa may MOA. Also, we had our pencil booking for this church.

Last that we visited is the Our Lady of Remedies Parish, more popularly known as the Malate Church, just in front of Rajah Sulayman Park in Roxas Blvd:

Peso Power: 12K for morning weddings during weekends, includes priest and simple flower arrangment.

Downside: no aircon.

After inspecting the church, the altar, the parking, we decided to book this church for the following reasons:

1. Future groom wanted an old church, mahilig kz sya sa mga war history and na-amaze tlga sya sa facade ng church kz napreserve pa nila.

2. Cheapest for a big church. According to Ms. Dang, clerk ng parish office, sila yn pinakamura na old church sa Manila, which is true kz mas mahal nga naman yn Nuestra Senora which has almost the same facade.

3. Ample and convenient parking.

4. The morning slot of 9am is perfect for us, not too early, not too late for a lunch reception.

5. Very near sa Hyatt hotel, we estimated the travel time to be at most at 10 minutes.

We made our deposit of P6K, no more pencil booking.

So after 4 pencil bookings (Nuestra Senora, St. Michael, St. Peter the Apostle and Shrine of Jesus), we finally booked our church - Our Lady of Remedies Parish!